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  1. Very flexible
  2. Flexible
  3. Medium
  4. Semi-stiff
  5. Stiff
  6. Very stiff
  1. Super Head light
  2. Head light
  3. Medium
  4. Head Heavy
  5. Super Head Heavy
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  3. 80-84g
  4. 85-89g
  5. 95-99g
  6. 100-110g
Type of Player
  1. Offensive
  2. Offensive / Counter-attacker
  3. Offensive / Versatile
  4. Versatile
  5. Versatile / Defensive
  6. Young / Recreational / Occasional / Schools

You will find all Babolat badminton racquets for adults within this category. The brand's latest technologies are put into use and bring even more stiffness to allow you to have even better form when you are hitting your favourite shots. 

The Babolat range is very well done and it offers a series of products adapted to each level and an easily recognisable colour code. 

For beginners, the Prime range will provide more flexibility in your movement with the goal of allowing you to smash better. The I-Pulse range will enhance stability and are easy to manoeuvre. These ranges are for beginners or occasional players. 

The X-Feel Origin range reuses the mould of the top of the range X-Feel badminton racquets from several years ago to contribute a very high quality racquet at an accessible price

The following ranges are at the top of the range from the French brand. Note that the Satelite and the X-Feel racquets are made for players who play competitively. The Babolat Satelite badminton racquets possess a thin shaft for better air penetration and benefit from the Metricflex technology to improve power and accuracy.
The Satelite Gravity racquet is a little different. This model possesses a normal shaft, light weight (or very light) and is ideal for doubles or defensive game styles.

The Babolat X-Feel badminton racquets complete the range with beams that are a little more technical and are stronger in terms of stiffness to gain accuracy on shots. 

The Babolat badminton racquet colour code is easy to follow. The "Lite" racquets are in yellow. These are light and manoeuvrable racquets. The "Essentiels" (blue) racquets are more versatile, the "Power" (grey) racquets offer power and the "Blast" (red) racquets are for those who like to attack.