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  1. FORZA
  1. Flexible
  2. Medium
  3. Semi-stiff
  4. Stiff
  5. Very stiff
  1. Super Head light
  2. Head light
  3. Medium
  4. Head Heavy
  5. Super Head Heavy
Weigth interval
  1. < 75g
  2. 75-79g
  3. 80-84g
  4. 85-89g
  5. 95-99g
  6. >110g
Type of Player
  1. Offensive
  2. Offensive / Counter-attacker
  3. Offensive / Versatile
  4. Versatile
  5. Versatile / Defensive
  6. Young / Recreational / Occasional / Schools

You will find all Forza badminton racquets for adults within this category. This brand provides many high quality products. For this reason, Forza badminton racquets have become very popular throughout the entire world. 

Forza spreads their badminton racquets out based on different ranges with specific details and qualities.

The Classic range is for beginner and recreational players and are sold at very inexpensive prices. 

The badminton Light racquets are made for speed and manoeuvrability. With a thin, rapid and light range of racquets, these models are particularly ideal for defensive players, quick doubles players or young players who are looking to quickly progress. 

The Power badminton racquets are for aggressive players who are more oriented towards power. These racquets are ideal for those who are looking for more power in their shots and like to finish rallies off quickly. 

The Precision badminton racquets offer accuracy and control. This model is perfect for players who prefer to dominate rallies with precise shots that are very difficult to return. 

Lastly, the Trainer racquets are made for your training sessions. You will be able to train with balanced 100% graphite racquets that are heavier than usual (115, 130 or 150 grams).