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You will find all of the Victor badminton racquets for adults within this category. Being not very well known in France, Victor is one of the biggest badminton sporting goods companies in the world and provides legendary racquets, such as the Jetspeed and the Thruster F. This brand sponsors the best players in the world, such as Tai Tzu Ying (women's singles), Goh Liu Ying (mixed doubles), Son Wan Ho (men's singles), Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong (men's doubles) and even the Corean and Danish national teams. 

Possessing very widespread racquet ranges, Victor is able to stand out by creating very top of the range and high quality racquets. Their racquets are primarily destined for advanced to expert level players (Hypernano, Jetspeed and Thruster ranges). 

The Hypernano X Series range offers maximum accuracy when you are attacking and provides exceptional control to enable you to easily transition from defence to offence. 

The Victor Jetspeed badminton racquets are provided with innovative frame technologies and structures. These racquets will allow you to create a rapid swing, an incredible response and instantaneous force on your shots. This range offers a great advantage to the player using the racquet during a match. 

The Victor Thruster racquets are known for their powerful attack shots and will improve your game with more speed and force. Made with a frame structure with sturdier and reinforced materials, these racquets will enable you to gain more power when smashing and increase your string tensions. Therefore, these racquets are particularly geared towards players who like to attack. 

The Light Fighter range is easier to handle and is more comfortable because the weight is lighter. The goal is to allow you to benefit from extra manoeuvrability

The Victor Wave Power racquets are versatile and are destined for intermediate level players as the moulded frame provides stability and control.