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  1. Flexible
  2. Semi-flexible
  3. Medium
  4. Semi-stiff
  5. Stiff
  1. Medium
  2. Head Heavy
  3. Super Head Heavy
Weigth interval
  1. < 75g
  2. 75-79g
  3. 80-84g
  4. 85-89g
Type of Player
  1. Offensive
  2. Offensive / Counter-attacker
  3. Offensive / Versatile
  4. Versatile
  5. Versatile / Defensive

Find all of the Wilson badminton racquets for adults within this category. The racquet categorisation is very simple. There are 3 ranges oriented towards power, control and speed. 

The Wilson Recon badminton racquets offer power and are destined for aggressive players with powerful shots and those who are always ready to attack. 

The Wilson Fierce racquets, oritented towards control, are particularly ideal for strategic players who strive to make their opponents run to all four corners of the court and take full control of the point. 

The last range is the Blaze. This range is made for those who possess a rapid game style and like a flatter, tenser point. This racquet is more geared towards doubles and mixed players.