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  1. YONEX
  1. Very flexible
  2. Flexible
  3. Medium
  4. Semi-stiff
  5. Stiff
  6. Very stiff
  1. Head light
  2. Medium
  3. Head Heavy
  4. Super Head Heavy
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  6. >110g
Type of Player
  1. Offensive
  2. Offensive / Counter-attacker
  3. Offensive / Versatile
  4. Versatile
  5. Versatile / Defensive
  6. Young / Recreational / Occasional / Schools

You will find all of the Yonex badminton racquets for adults within this category. Yonex is the most well known badminton brand in the world. The brand is represented by legendary players who have won numerous championships with Yonex racquets, such as Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Victor Axelsen, Carolina Marin and many more. 

The collection of Yonex badminton racquets can be divided into several ranges : 

- The Nanoray range is destined for players who enjoy more manoeuvrability, a flatter game and are more defensive or versatile. By combining a very thin and light shaft, this racquet offers exceptional manoeuvrability. Ideal for technical and agile players. 

- The Voltric range is for aggressive players. With more weight in the head of the racquet, this model will offer pure happiness to the badminton players who like to quickly finish points off. The Tri-Voltage system will support your smash - more mass and power ! 

- The Duora range is made of versatile racquets with two different sides : the right and flat side retains the birdie for guided and controlled shots. Meanwhile, the backhand side is straighter and more aerodynamic to allow you to easily hit quick backhand shots. The Duora racquets possess a neutral balance to combine control and explosiveness. 

- The Astrox range was designed with the goal of flooding your opponent with a powerful and rapid racquet. The NAMD graphite retains energy to explosively release it. Also, the Rotational Generator system combined with the weight in the head will allow you to do devastating smashes at crazy angles.