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The men's Yonex badminton shoes are excellent in terms of cushioningstability and support. This brand provides technical and innovative products. The Power Cushion is very well known and has been a pioneer for badminton shoes for providing shock absorption and more resilience during rough movement. 

The ranges of shoes are very well designed. On top of the high quality cushioning in each model, each shoe adds its own particularity : 

- the Aerus badminton shoes are oriented towards light weight and are among the lightest in the world. 

- the SHB 03 or the Eclipsion badminton shoes offer stability and support with a thinner sole. 

- the indoor SHB65 shoes (X or Z) provide a good combination of light weight, comfort and stability. This is the most "versatile" shoe of all the ranges and it offers a "normal" sized sole. 

- the Comfort shoes possess a thicker layer of cushioning at the heel area to provide exceptional cushioning. 

To adapt to different foot sizes, the "Wide" models are available within each range. These wide shoes offers a wider front of the foot to allow everyone to enjoy Yonex shoes.