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A Space For Our Clubs Alone

Badminton-Point is a racquet sport specialist with expertise in badminton, squash. We are one of the largest independent badminton equipment distributors in France, but we spread solidarity and cheerfulness just as well.

With more than 15 years of expertise, a motivated team and well-oiled logistics,we work with several hundred clubs as they grow so we can make progress together.

Historically very active in the badminton world, we have also forged connections with local members of the tennis, squash and padel worlds, always with the desire to be at your sides and to provide the best materials at a very competitive price.

Advantages of becoming a partner

For us, becoming a club's partner means walking with it as it evolves, being at its sides to help it pursue its goals by offering it quality materials at competitive prices. It means being flexible, counseling the club's members and listing to their needs. True dialogue must exist so we can meet meet your wishes as best as we can.

Our partnerships are open to all clubs, even the smallest. So, please do not hesitate to make a request.

A partnership with us does not require your club to make a certain amount of profits. That would go against our policy of flexibility that we practice with our clubs. Being a partner commits you to almost no quid pro quo other than committing to promote the partnership with club members by simply informing them of the partnership and of the discounts they can benefit from. We will give you the tools to do so.

A partnership generally includes the following advantages:

  - Special pricing scles for shuttlecoks and balls
  - Provision of prizes for your club's tournaments. We offer t-shirts or other prizes for your tournaments' staff and volunteers,
  - Provision of vouchers for your club's tournaments. We provides vouchers for free according to the amount you purchase,
  - Sponsoring of players : with each partnership proposition, we offer total or partial sponsoring contracts with every partnership proposition. They can go to whomever you please (volunteers, staff, etc.);
  - Special discount on your purchase of cups, medals and other rewards,
  - Guaranteed discount minimums for your club members,
  - And many other advantages...

A team of enthusiasts

Just like you, Larde Sports employees love sports and, in particular, racquet sports. Some of them are all-rounders but most of them focus on 1 or 2 sports like badminton, tennis, squash or padel. But what do they have in common? They all love sports and desire to pass on their know-how and expertise for your benefit.

Our team is made up of salespersons spread across France, logisticians who prepare and send your orders, stringers and all support roles necessary for providing quality service (graphic designers, webmasters, accountants, secretaries, etc.).

A clothing line tailored to our clubs

With a very large selection of brands, our clothing supply for clubs is one of our strengths. We have a vast catalogue at your disposal to meet your needs including brands specialised in club wear such as Forza, Frima or Babolat. They offer a range of clothing for men, women and children.

Having a person in your area do the screen printing/flocking is the ideal solution because it is easier to explain your wishes face to face (logo placement, quality, file format, etc.). Screen printing is not the easiest thing to do at a distance.



A wide selection of shuttlecoks

Choose your shuttlecock according to the circumstances and level of gameplay. Since shuttlecocks are a player's and club's main expense, certain rules should be respected in order to make the best purchases possible, adapting them to the needs of your club and players.

We recommend you mix different types of products and brands so that your purchases are best adapted to various situation (training, competitions, etc.) and types of players. It is important to try out a large number of brands and grades of products in order to find what suits you best and is within your price range.

We have a large array of feather and plastic shuttlecocks, a large majority of which we keep in stock permanently.

Prizes for your tournaments

Larde Sports offers you a large range of possibilities to reward players at your tournaments :

These different offers are cumulative

   - Offer 1 : Vouchers

We give free vouchers worth 50% of the vouchers you purchase from us for your tournaments.

For example, if you order €100 worth of vouchers, we will give you another €50 worth of vouchers for free, totaling €150.


   - Offer 2 : Purchasing of Prizes

When you choose the prize on our site (in «Public Price»), find the sum and then divide by 1.4 for the amount billed.

For example: If you purchase €500 of Prizes (in «Recommended Public Price»), your club will be billed €357. (500€ / par 1,4 = 357).

The following goods are not considered as prizes: cups, medals, trophies, shuttlecocks, balls, stringing and club accessories.


   - Offer 3 : Purchasing of cups, trophies, medals, and other articles belonging to this category

A 20% discount on the recommended retail price is granted for the purchase of sporting rewards.


   - Offer 4 : Provision of t-shirts

15 larde Sport colored t-shirts worth €120 retail price.

These t-shirts are to be worn by the organisers during the event