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You can find the various models of Head squash racquets for all game styles within this category. Whether you are an aggressive player, a versatile player or if you are looking for more ball control or accuracy and if you are an amateur or a competitive player, our catalog will allow you to find a racquet that best suits you. 

Once you have already played with a Graphene racquet, you will not be able to pass on the excellent feel you get on each shot. Imagine what will happen when it is improved with revolutionary technology. Head has enhanced the Graphene technology with Graphene XT, the new generation of HEAD racquets. The most resistant material and the lightest material in the world is integrated into the structure in order to obtain optimal weight distribution. You will benefit from a faster and more powerful swing. The Graphene Touch absorbs more shocks in the frame of the racquet. This results in an overall reduction of shocks as the vibrations will be reduced faster at impact. Enjoy exceptional touch and feel.